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County Inmates:  Items are not allowed to mailed or brought into the facility. Clothing, hygiene, and food items may be purchased from the commissary. 

State Inmates:  Items are not allowed to mailed or brought into the facility. Clothing, hygiene, and food items may be purchased from the commissary. 

Federal Inmates:  Items are not allowed to mailed or brought into the facility. Clothing, hygiene, and food items may be purchased from the commissary. 

A.L.P.H.A. Program Inmates:  A preapproved listing is provided to all A.L.P.H.A. participants upon their arrival to the program. These items can be mailed into the jail with prior approval from the A.L.P.H.A. Director. 

All prisoners are issued a weekly hygiene kit that includes soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet tissue, and feminine sanitary supplies upon request. 


Public Notice When Visiting Our Facility
Please be patient with our staff when visiting our facility for the release of family and friends or other requests you may have.  The safety and security of this facility and our community is our first priority and timely processes such as intake and release will absolutely be our first priority.  Always be prepared with information needed to process your requests such as letters, checks, and/or documents prepared and ready to be signed or notarized and correct change for bonds as we do not keep cash on hand.  Again, please be patient as we are working diligently to process your request as quickly as possible.

Marion County Circuit/District Courts
120 West Main St.
Lebanon, KY 40033
Marion District: Monday, Wednesday, & Friday
Marion Circuit: First & Third Monday of each Month
Taylor County Circuit/District Courts
203 North Court St.
Campbellsville, KY 42718
Taylor District: Monday, Wednesday, & Friday
Taylor Circuit: First & Third Monday of each Month
Washington County Circuit/District Courts
PO Box 346
Springfield, KY 40069
Washington District: Every Monday Afternoon
Washington Circuit: First Thursday of the Month (AM & PM)


It is our policy to provide volunteer rehabilitative programs and services to the prisoner population utilizing community volunteers. This facility is committed to utilizing volunteers in good standing of their agency(s). Each volunteer wishing to participate in the religious or rehabilitative programs must complete a volunteer application and orientation training. Chaplain Mike Fenwick can be contact at 502-249-0155 for information on how to obtain an application and to schedule orientation training.


Messages for inmate will not be taken at this facility. You may write or leave a message with a Telmate account. Emergency phone messages will be taken by staff for inmates regarding their family or friends. You must be specific regarding the emergency. Only in emergency situations will prisoners be given messages.


This facility is a smoke-free facility per 501 KAR 3:070 §1(1.)(e.). Tobacco items of any kind brought inside this facility are considered contraband and may result in prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.


All prisoners are allowed access to the commissary if a positive balance is shown on his/her account.  Items brought to the facility are no longer accepted or approved.  All items must be purchased from the commissary.  Cash and money orders are no longer received by this facility.  Your family and friends can leave money on your account by:

  1. Calling 1-866-516-0115 and using a debit/credit card to leave money on your commissary (trust) account or your phone account.
  2. Telling your family and friends to mail money orders to Telmate, 1096 S. East 6th St., Ontario, OR 97914.  Tell them to include your name, write in the memo section of the money order whether you want the credit to be placed on your “trust” or “phone” account otherwise it will be placed on your phone account.
  3. Telling your family and friends to stop by the front lobby and use our Kiosks machine to place money on your accounts.  The machine takes credit/debit cards and is available 24 hrs. a day.
  4. Telling you family and friends to go online and credit your accounts at https://pay.telmate.com

Canteen purchases must be placed by using the Kiosks machines in your cells.  If you have a positive balance on your account you will be able to access approved items to purchase.   The machines will upload commissary orders on Wednesday’s and Sunday’s weekly.  Orders are returned on Tuesday’s and Friday’s weekly.  If you owe for medical, half (1/2) of your canteen credits/deposits will be deducted to cover the amount owed until the amount is paid in full. 

Reimbursement of Commissary/Phone Accounts When Released/Transferred
Once money is credited to your commissary (trust) account it can not be removed until you are released.  Once released, a check for the unused portion will be given to you the day of your release during business hours.  If you are released after business hours a reasonable attempt is made to contact you regarding unclaimed funds and other personal property.  If no response is received from you within a 120 day time period from the date of your release the unclaimed funds will be considered forfeited and will be placed on the Inmate Welfare Account.  If you are being transferred a check will be sent to the destination facility.

Once money is credited to your phone account it can not be removed until you are released.  Once released, you will need to contact Telmate at 1-866-516-0115 to receive a prepaid calling card equal in value to the remaining balance of your prepaid account.  Calling cards may be used for domestic and international calls.

Click on the link to find both the Telemate Kiosks brochure information.

Telephones will be turned off at various times for court, transfers, and doctor’s appointments, etc.  Friends and family can leave messages in emergency situations.

Mexico & International
Prepaid Calling

Intelmate is one of the first companies to introduce International Prepaid calling for correctional customers.  Now you can complete a prepaid call anywhere in the world.

International Dialing Instructions:
- Press 1 for English
- Enter your pin number
- Dial 011 + Country code + number
(Example: Mexico: 01152XXXXXXX)

Flat Rate Price:  $10 for 15 minutes



All Calls are subject to recording and monitoring


  • Do not shout, talk above a normal conversational level, or use profanity while on the telephone.
  • Do not tamper with, mark on, or damage telephone equipment.
  • Do not call your victim or alleged victim of another inmate on behalf of that inmate.
  • Do not place a call for another inmate.
  • Do not move furniture to the telephone area.
  • Do not make conference or three-way calls or do third number billing, call forwarding or call transfers.
  • Do not use a third party to relay a spoken message to another inmate or person that jail, court or other government officials have prohibited you from contacting.
  • Do not give your PIN.  Use of another inmate’s PIN is identity theft and if used to make a prepaid call it is also property theft.
  • Do not trade or sell pre-paid minutes.
  • Tell a deputy if a telephone is not working properly.
  • No refunds are granted once the pre-paid minutes are activated.
  • Clergy calls may be monitored and are recorded, unless approved by command staff.

Prepaid Calling
Prepaid calls can be completed to any type of phone: home phones, blocked collect phones, cell phones, Skype, Vonage, and International Numbers, etc.

If you have a prepaid balance and wish to use your balance to call any phone or a phone that is blocked from accepting collect calls, you must enter your PIN number and select the prepaid call option.  If you choose the option to call collect and there is a credit card on file under your account, your prepaid balance will not be deducted.

Inmate Voicemail
Your friends and family can leave you voicemails by calling 866-516-0115.  They must have already setup a Prepaid account, and have funds available.  If you have a voicemail, you will be prompted after dialing your PIN.  The voicemail will be removed from playback after you have listened to it and ended your call.  Voicemails are subject to recording and monitoring.

Free Advanced Prepaid Phone Calls
Intelmate offers inmates the ability to call phone numbers that cannot accept a collect call for up to one (1) minute absolutely free. Inmates are informed when making the call that this service is offered free only ONCE per different phone number.  This service is made available by Intelmate as a courtesy to help inmates contact friends and family and ask them setup a prepaid account.

Please remember this service is offered as a courtesy and is not a right.  Intelmate is the only inmate phone provider that offers this service to inmates.  Damage to inmate phones or abuse of this service will result in loss of privilege.

Intelmate may allow free 1-minute calls more than once, but this at our discretionPlease do not leave voicemails for customer service about why you were not able to complete a free call as they will be ignored and may result in the loss of this service.

Blocked Phone Numbers
If you attempt to dial a phone number that is blocked, you will be informed that the phone number has been blocked and your call will be terminated.

Call recipients are given an option when they receive a call to block all future calls from the correctional facility or an individual inmate.  Sometimes they select this option in error. 

If you believe the block is in error, you may leave a customer service request by dialing 211# and we will confirm whether the called party intended to block calls from the correctional facility.  If the block was an error, it will be removed. 

If the call recipient confirms the block you will be left a voice mail informing you that we have confirmed the block is valid and you will not be able to call the phone number.

Some phone numbers are blocked by the Correctional Officers, if this is the case the block will never be removed.

Attempted 3-way calls:
Any attempt to make a 3-way call will result in permanent blocking of the phone number, even if the 3-way call was made by another inmate -- 3-way calls are never allowed.  Once a phone number has been blocked for attempting a 3-way call the block will never be removed unless a fine of $25 is paid and $25 in prepaid calling time is purchased.

If the number was blocked due to an attempted 3-way call, we will not remove the block, even if the 3-way call was made by another inmate -- 3-way calls are never allowed.


On March 18, 2010 Senate Bill 47 was signed that amended KRS 441.045 giving county jails the right to charge co-pays for inmate medical services; therefore, effective June 1, 2010 medical cost will be charged against the prisoners commissary account at the time the cost is incurred and will be deducted from any available funds.  Unless an inmate is deemed indigent the cost of medical care is the inmate’s responsibility.  A prisoner shall not be considered indigent in the case of medical care if (a.) he/she has funds in any amount posted on his/her canteen account, (b.) he/she has medical insurance or a medical card, and/or (c.) he/she has private resources to pay medical costs.  Prisoners who are later determined not to have been indigent, or “who” at the time following treatment, are no longer indigent, shall be required to repay the cost of medical care.  No prisoner shall be denied medical or dental care due to indigence.

In-House Nurse $5.00 after new arrival assessment State
Nurse Practitioner/Doctor $20.00 State
In-House Visits   County - Full Cost
Outside Doctor & Doctor Referrals $20.00 State
County - Full Cost
Federal - must be approved by US Marshalls Service.
Emergency Room Doctor $20.00 State - Extractions Only
County - Full Cost
Outside Dentist Visits $20.00 State - Extractions Only
County - Full Cost
Federal - must be approved by the US Marshalls Service.
Prescriptions $5.00 State
County - Full Cost
Federal - must be approved by the US Marshalls Service.
Eye Examinations $20.00 State
County - Full Cost
Federal - must be approved by the US Marshalls Service.

Medical and dental cost will be charged against an inmate’s commissary/canteen account at the time the cost is incurred and will be deducted from any available funds.  No prisoner shall be denied medical care.

Mental Health Services

During the initial booking process, staff will verbally inform detainees of the procedures for obtaining mental health services.  Identification of inmates for referral to receive mental health services will occur when detainees are identified as having a mental health problem or are on mental health medication at intake.  Identification of detainees for crisis intervention will be observed for signs of emotional instability or psychological distress.  Following the initial booking process staff will routinely observe detainees, especially those newly admitted or recently sentenced for emotional instability or psychological distress.  Once an inmate is identified as needing crisis intervention Bluegrass Mental Health is contacted for an evaluation.


A processing fee of $20.00 shall be imposed to all prisoners booked into this facility.  This fee shall be imposed on all individuals who are admitted, processed, and released.  This fee shall be in addition to any fees, payments, and/or penalties in accordance with the reimbursement policy or fines imposed by the court system.  A bond fee of $5.00 shall be accessed on all prisoners being bonded out of this facility.  State prisoners being transferred into this facility shall be exempt from the bond fee.


When you are granted the privilege of serving a sentence on a weekend this privilege is subject to certain conditions.  Certain violations will result in notifying the sentencing court for the termination of the “weekender” privilege.  Once you have been court ordered to serve a weekend sentence you will need to contact the facility’s booking department for information regarding your admittance date and time to serve.  You will also need to speak to the facility’s medical department to schedule an appointment for medical screening before the weekend admittance date. 

All medication(s) must be in the proper container.  If you must bring samples they need to be accompanied by a copy of the original prescription.  You are responsible for all expenses of medical, dental, and medication incurred while incarcerated. 

You shall pay a weekend fee of $27.00 per day in the form of a money order at the time you are booked in unless otherwise ordered by the court.  Weekenders from other counties shall pay $27.00 per day in the form of a money order at booking [$54.00 per weekend]. 

Personal property allowed is as follows:  the clothing you are currently wearing when booked into the jail, and one each of the following:  a pair of socks, a T-shirt, underwear, wedding band and a watch.  Food or tobacco items are not allowed.  You may be subject to a search and/or an unclothed search upon entering the facility.  All weekenders may be subject to an Alco-breathalyzer test and a urinalysis upon entering the facility.  All positive results will be reported to the sentencing court.

Notary Services

Notary services are available upon request Monday thru Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. except for holidays at no charge for matters concerning the prisoner population. 

Open Records

Pursuant to KRS 61.870 thru 61.884, the public shall be notified that, as provided herein, the public records of the Marion County Detention Center are open for inspection by any person on written application to the Jailer.  As the official custodian of all public records of the detention center, the Jailer will determine the availability of records for inspection by the requesting parties.  If the release of any record might jeopardize the security of the detention facility or its ability to maintain an orderly administration access will be denied pursuant to KRS 61.878.  Copies will be made at the expense of the requesting party at the prevailing government rate. 

Written applications must be forwarded to Jailer Barry Brady Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at Marion County Detention Center, 201 Warehouse Road, Lebanon, Kentucky 40033.

Public Tours

This facility may accommodate legitimate requests for public tours.  All requests for tours will be directed to the Jailer.  Tour members will be subject to necessary security precautions.  Cameras and/or recorders are not permitted.  Members of the media who tour the facility are not allowed to take photographs unless prior approval has been received from the Jailer.